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UPDATE 06.03.2017: Bad News:

I started working on too many things and now real life is interfering with my dev time, so right now a lot of stuff is unfinished/broken. This means that there won't be a demo in the next few days, like I promised in the last update.

Stuff I am working on:

  • New and improved player model for additional mobility+graphic quality
  • Melee attacks, 1-hand and 2 hand weapons
  • Counter-Attacks(melee attack when your enemy is attacking to block his attack)
  • Animations in general
  • Enemy Pilot AI, so there can be proper duels against other Pilots
  • Refactoring old code
  • Asset creation

I am not too sure when the next demo will be out. Maybe I'll try to release it in April or wait one month more so it's nice and polished for DemoDay 14.

Sorry for taking so long.

UPDATE 12.01.2017: What's next:

  • Next Demo will be out in around 2 month
  • Main focus till then is to create new/better assets(levels, enemies, etc)...
  • ...and refactor some of the awful spaghetti code
  • Also, the controls and the way the mech handles will be reworked
  • Feature-wise this demo gets already pretty close to the finished game, so I probably won't be adding anything big(new weapon types excluded)

UPDATE 10.01.2017: Demo updated

  • fixed several annoying bugs
  • 3x rewards for less grinding
  • refactored the player controller, should work better on low FPS now
  • added weapon upgrades, screw balance

Project M is a fast paced mecha game that has a heavy focus on customization.

This demo includes:

- fully functional Garage

Build your own mech out of up to 12 different parts! Then UPGRADE your favorite parts and finally fine-tune your machine.

- +20 different Mech Parts

What's the point of a Garage without stuff to play with? That's why there are 10 Body parts, 5 weapons for each hand and multiple internal parts.

The demo has 2 basic missions with the same enemy type(sorry about that), to unlock everything you'll have to grind those missions and then buy stuff in the shop. Enemies hit HARD but have miserable aim, so keep moving while in combat!


  • WASD - move your mech in the forward/sideways/backwards direction
  • Mouse - turns mech and looks up/down
  • R/L Mouse - fire active weapons
  • Q/E - switch weapons
  • Shift - activate your booster
  • Space - Jump, boosting before/while jumping gives additional range
  • A/D+Space - Dodge Maneuver, breaks missile lock

NOTE: This is a prototype demo, everything is unbalanced and butt-ugly.

>What about Multiplayer?


>What's up with the silly name?
Any name I pick makes me cringe after a week, so placeholder it is until I have something good.

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Published137 days ago
Tags3D, Character Customization, Mechs


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This is a great game, but there are a few bugs.

1. When running in full-screen at 1920*1080, some of the buttons are hidden. (Maybe a smaller UI in proportion to the resolution.)

2. When running at a lower resolution than 1080p, everything is dark, except when I'm in windowed mode.

3. Problem with windowed mode, though, is that there is no cursor lock, so every time I turn, it (the cursor) goes out of the window.

I wonder if you should get rid of the level cap though. It does balance a few things.

Kinda interesting, like the inventory system, though confusing at first.