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What's next:

It seems people enjoyed the gameplay, so I guess I leave it the way it is with some minor tweaks every now and then(jump height, speed etc), I am glad I don't have to rework it, so the next big step is to implement Multiplayer and Customization.


Fixed and improved Demo soon

Update 1: New version released

- Fixes almost all known issues

- Almost. For those that have problems with the camera: I made a few changes and I think it should work better now, if not there is now a 'fixed fps' toggle

- Fixed FPS: locks your game at 30FPS

If that doesn't work either, try lowering your quality settings until you can play. This really shouldn't be necessary though since the demo isn't that complex.


Fast paced mech games are awesome and we need more of them. Since this is the first demo of the project it lacks features such as customization, multiplayer or even sound, however I think it's still pretty fun.

The demo offers you two different loadouts: a fast and lightweight setup for hit and run tactics and a heavy-gunner for those who like it less subtle. Test them in an arena against an ever increasing number of enemies.

Known bugs:

- The Missile-lock warning doesn't disappear after you get hit by the missile

- Sometimes missiles explode for no reason or disappear without exploding

- If you play a heavy and switch to a lightweight after dying the back weapon disappears

- There is a weird bug that kind of freezes the camera on some machines

More information

Published90 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Fast-Paced, Mechs
Player countSingleplayer


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M4World - Demo Version 2.zip 79 MB
(old and busted)M4World - Demo Version 1.rar 87 MB


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Hey! Do you plan to include health/repair pickups in the future?

The next demo will have auto-repair(around 0.1 to 0.5% of the max health per second) and maybe some kind of active heal-ability(repair-field or whatever). Generally, I want to limit repair/health pickups to longer PVE missions.